Not Just for the Holidays – Hollandaise Sauce

Just saying the word “hollandaise” rocks the Impress-O-Meter. Only three ingredients (eggs, lemon juice, and butter) can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Hollandaise sauce elevates steamed broccoli and asparagus to new levels. It enhances fish and seafood and is an excellent sauce for steak. Once you master the basic sauce, zhoosh it with aContinue reading “Not Just for the Holidays – Hollandaise Sauce”

Virtual Secret Santa Party

This is a challenging year for our favorite or at least traditional holiday activities. The Secret Santa gift exchange comes to mind.  You know, where your group draws names, without revealing whose name they chose, selects a gift for that person within a designated range, and at a party unwraps the gift while trying toContinue reading “Virtual Secret Santa Party”

‘Tis the Gift-Giving Season

‘Tis the gift-giving season!  Holiday shopping can stress out the best of us.    We’re buying for family, friends, co-workers, teachers, and others who touch our lives.  Every year, the list seems to grow longer – as our family expands, so does our gift list.  Gift-giving can get overly complicated, very quickly.  First, how much areContinue reading “‘Tis the Gift-Giving Season”

I only have Pies for you!

Ahhh Pie! For some, this is the best part of Thanksgiving. There are several options when it comes to pie. Pumpkin is traditional, but many prefer apple, pecan, or cherry. Obviously, the easiest route is to buy a pre-made pie. Supermarket bakeries make wonderful pies. If you want to eliminate all dessert stress, buy aContinue reading “I only have Pies for you!”

Let’s Talk Turkey

It’s time to finalize your Thanksgiving menu. You’ve probably had it churning around in your head since you accepted that you were in charge of the big dinner this year. Turkey has been a given in your mental menu. Fantasies of a Martha Stewart platter, elaborately garnished with sprigs of rosemary and maybe even some editable flowers (if you possess an over-achiever imagination.) have been blowing around up there and frankly, it’s been stressing you out.