Easy Snickerdoodle Cookies

Easy Snickerdoodle Cookies are soft, buttery, cinnamon-sugar cookies that are slightly crispy on the outside, chewy inside with a sweet, tangy taste. Mix them up in minutes using a white cake mix, butter, and an egg. Quick, easy, and delicious!

Cake Mix Gingerbread Cookies

Fluffy, soft, cake mix gingerbread drop cookies take less than 5 minutes to mix-up and 10 minutes to bake. Enjoy the delicious aroma and memorable taste of ginger, cinnamon and other delicious spices.

1-2-3 Sugar Cookies

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Meringue Surprises

The surprise is the chocolate chips!  These melt in your mouth.  This recipe was passed down to me from my mother.  They are just as popular now as then! These cookies are WOW worthy. They are easy to make but to require patience to bake slow and low. 🍳My Favorite Kitchen Tools and Products🍲 🍜MyContinue reading “Meringue Surprises”